Marinette, Wisconsin & Menominee, Michigan



What did the community vote on?

CTC addresses problem behaviors from the root causes, which we refer to as risk and protective factors. The more risk factors a youth has, the more likely they are to develop a problem behavior such as substance abuse and delinquency.  The more protective factors a youth possesses, the more likely they are to abstain from risky behaviors. Our goal is to eliminate risk factors and enhance protective factors among our youth. In order to do this, we asked community members to vote on which of the identified top five risk and protective factors they would like to see our Coalition tackle. For more details, download the full Community Assessment Report at the bottom of this page.

Why did the community vote?

This is a community coalition - so we needed the community input! As much as we would love to address all 20 risk and protective factors, it is not feasible to do so and make a positive impact at the same time. Therefore, if we focus our efforts on two to three, we can make greater change in the community and ultimately see other risk factors and problem behaviors shift in our favor. In order to see change, we must work together as a community to find a solution. 

How were these identified?

Our Risk and Protective Factor (DATA) Assessment workgroup completed an extensive 10 hour training/workshop which focused on the results of the CTC youth survey and other public data. Through the series of trainings, the five risk and protective factors that were identified as our community's top priorities are listed in the voting survey below.

The Results

Voting closed on Friday, June 1st. From there, our Risk and Protective Factor (DATA) workgroup collected all results from more than 1100 completed surveys. 




For More Information

Please view our "PRIORITIES" tab for more information on our 3 chosen priorities. 


Community assessment report

The full Community Assessment Report, including details on the data from our two counties and full explanations of the five risk and protective factors identified (updated with results of the three factors chosen by votes from our community members) can be downloaded below.

Resource Assessment Report

Following the community assessment process, our Resource Workgroup participated in two workshops to assess community resources based off of the top three priorities. Below is the report from the participants which includes their recommendations for evidence-based programs that will target our three priorities.